Drews Mind
Where creativity is my release.
Welcome To My Site
Now that your here my name is Drew.

I practically live on the internet, i use it just about every day. But dont get me confused with somebody that is addicted to the interwebs, because im not. I like lot of other things in the real world, such as i love bass. I like to BMX and last but certinatly not least.  I just love to make videos and entertain people. 

So that brings me to my nest point i mainly make two diffrent kinds of videos.
1. Vlogs (Vlogs if you didnt know are video blogs).
    So thats like my own little journal on the internet.
2. Music Videos.
3. Videos Of People Doing Stupid Things On Camera .
4. Friends And Family (But those videos are usually private).

If you have a song that you have stuck in your head, go to the Videos page on my site and there will be a link to Google moderator. Post a comment there with and music you want me to make into a video.

If you want to know more about the videos i make look to the right, it will explain it in more detail.
About Me?

Hey as you probably know my name is drew. If you didn't know that wake up and read it. It's everywhere. 

I am still in high school, and i want my career after high school to be
web design. So thats really the main reason i'm here.

I'm taking a Advanced Multimedia class in high school, so i'm learning how to code HTML.

Eventualy i will go to college for that or something else involveing computers. Maybe video or camera design. 

Iv always liked to build things, and theres something else you might wanna
know about me. I love to work on cars or really anything that moves.
Lets say you want to get to know me better.

This is how you do it, go to my You Tube and post a video response or comment on any of my videos. I currently have over 100 to choose from.

Heres the link. youtube.com/drewsky351