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Updates And News
New Video Posted (1-9-11) - The video is an old vlog that i just now got posted to You Tube. Its simply of me driving around listening to music. I put the song that i was listening to in the video so if you like them you dont have to comment and ask me what there names are.

Two New Video's Posted (1-10-11) - The first video i posted was of another vlog, it was simply a bathroom vlog. And the second video i posted is a Music Video, the video is Throw It Up by Lil Jon. Its slowed down 32% and Bass Boosted for very low fq. Go to the Videos page to check them out or go to My Channel.

(2-10-11) I havent posted any updates for a while so here we go. From my last post i have made 19 vlogs and 5 music videos. Yea iv been busy. Well as always if you have any requests post them on my channel. There is a Hyperlink to my Channel above. If you want any of the songs i have some of them posted on the music page of this website. 
Videos I Make?

Hey again i just wanted to tell you a little more about my videos.

I make music video's but i dont just make any type of music. I add bass to them. 

So if your into bass like i know you are, just go to my channel and request a song to be either slowed down or bass boosted.

And if you really want i can do both.

Or learn even more on the videos tab of my page.
Lets say you want to get to know me better.

This is how you do it, go to my You Tube and post a video response or comment on any of my videos. I currently have over 100 to choose from.

Heres the link. youtube.com/drewsky351